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Working From Home: Tips to Promote Productivity

3.16.20 | Client Alert – COVID-19 Update

Over the past few years, many companies have explored, and implemented, flexible work programs that enabled certain personnel to work remotely. While having programs like this in place have been helpful to companies dealing with the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the shift to a completely remote workforce is an unprecedented challenge to most, if not all, companies.

One of the biggest challenges organizations are facing during these uncertain times is how to keep an entire workforce motivated and productive outside of the traditional office environment. Below are some common tips employers can share with their employees to help keep them engaged.

  • Have a dedicated work space, preferably with a door, that provides some separation from family and other household distractions
  • Setup the dedicated workspace to have similar, if not the same, technical capabilities as provided in the office environment.  This may require assistance from an organization’s IT department and depending on the size of the organization be dependent on roles and responsibilities.
  • Set work hours/schedule and do not deviate if possible
  • Set break times (coffee and lunch breaks, time with kids, walk the dog, etc.)
  • Prepare to-do lists or project outlines and time framed deadlines—utilizing project management software can help employees do this, while providing management with a line of sight into their employees’ daily, weekly and monthly tasks/projects
  • Stay in contact with your team!  Connect with co-workers periodically through conference calls or virtual meetings. This helps communication, workflow, collaboration and allows for some type of socialization. These meetings can include project status reports, which will reinforce a teamwork mentality, and help keep everyone on track

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many organizations to rethink how they operate and adjust at an extremely rapid and unexpected pace. The long-term impact of the outbreak is hard to predict, but it is not out of the realm of possibility that today’s current environment may result in many companies moving towards a larger percentage of remote workers indefinitely, which may be beneficial to employers and employees. However, in order to experience and sustain these benefits, investments, primarily in IT, will likely need to be made.

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