The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on Residency and Taxes

Berdon State and Local Tax Practice Co-Leaders, Wayne K. Berkowitz and Richard Goldstein, provide insight on unintended consequences the COVID-19 Pandemic can have on state residency and taxes.

Part 1

Part 2

Lisa Goldman, Berdon’s International Tax Practice Leader, answers questions from our CMO, Frank Vitale, to clarify how new IRS guidance has changed the laws with regard to unintended U.S. tax residency.

NEW GUIDANCE RELEASED  – Please note that some of the information in the video below may no longer be accurate. Please watch the previous video for an update.

Berdon’s CMO, Frank Vitale, sat down with our International Tax Practice Leader, Lisa Goldman, to discuss the unintended consequences the COVID-19 Pandemic could have on international visitors’ residency and taxes.

For additional information on matters relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, please review Berdon’s COVID-19 Information Center.