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Technology & Life Sciences – Valuations – Business Tip with Jeffrey Kovacs


Announcer: Here’s today’s business tip – with Jeff Kovacs, Partner and Head of the Technology and Life Science Practice at Berdon LLP Accountants and Advisors.

Jeff: Early to mid-stage technology companies often ask, “What is my company worth?” While valuing companies at these stages is often an art with little science, valuations are crucial to negotiate with investors, create equity plans for employees or prepare for a liquidity event. Understanding the factors that impact a valuation better positions executives to maximize value for founders, investors and employees. Helping clients scale their business and plan for the future is what we do at Berdon. If you’re a technology company executive, let Berdon help you develop innovative solutions to enhance your company’s value and fuel its growth.

Announcer: Today’s Business Tip was brought to you by Berdon Accountants and Advisors. Visit Berdon LLP dot com. That’s b-e-r-d-o-n-l-l-p dot com. Berdon Accountants and Advisors. We listen. We solve. We do.