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What We Do

Personal Wealth Services

What We Do

Comprehensive Trust, Estate, and Tax Planning

Every individual’s financial picture is a complex web of interweaving elements. Our personal wealth service team includes financial, accounting, trust and estate, tax, and management experts who recognize the subtleties and connect the pathways of this intricate relationship.

Perhaps most important, we’re totally independent. Unlike other accounting firms across the country, we sell no product, do not manage assets, and earn no compensation or referral fees from any other source. We are truly independent so you can expect advice from us that comes with you, and only you, in mind.


Client Centric:

We immerse ourselves in your big picture to make well reasoned recommendations that fit your goals and aspirations for managing, growing, and transferring your wealth.


Berdon works closely with your attorneys, investment advisors, insurance specialists, and others to ensure that your planning is fully coordinated and in tune with your needs and goals. Our goal is to serve as the quarterback of your advisory team.


For executives, retirees, professional athletes, and anyone caught up in the details of life, we can make your life easier. From bill paying, budgeting, and record keeping to managing the details of multiple residences and leasing cars, boats and aircraft, our in house team gives you back precious time and peace of mind.


We can take on an entire array of business and personal wealth responsibilities or only those you select. It’s all up to you.

Our Full Suite of Advisory Services Include:

  • Cash Management
  • Estate | Gift | Trust Planning
  • Family Office
  • Matrimonial

  • Personal Business Management
  • Personal Record Retention Guide
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Planning & Compliance

Request Berdon’s fiduciary accounting checklist to assess the health
of your trust(s) and estate

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