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What We Do


More than ever, the impact of taxation is reaching deeper into every aspect of business and personal life. Berdon helps companies and individuals confront current and future tax challenges by stepping beyond the role of being just accountants and leveraging more than 100 years of experience and expertise to provide proactive advice and strategic guidance.

Our tax professionals help clients navigate tax complexities and maximize tax savings. With 80% of our tax partners having advanced degrees, including J.D.s and LL.M.’s, Berdon serves as a strategic advisor that understands the realities of business and focuses on helping clients achieve their goals. In addition to being a business advisor, the Firm works closely with clients and their families to advise on their personal tax circumstances to help them prepare for the future and incorporate strategies to assist them with preserving and transferring their wealth to current and future generations.


Berdon takes an all-inclusive approach and weighs the tax impact on every element of the financial picture—individual and family needs, economics, business conditions, industry issues, and trends. Through research and various roles on accounting societies and government advisory committees, Berdon alerts clients to tax proposals before they become law. This enables the Firm to advise on what the changes may mean to individual clients and recommend the appropriate steps to take. We work with clients to understand their personal and business objectives to ensure that the services we provide align with their interests, lower their tax liability and help them achieve their objectives.

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