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Berdon 2016-2017 Tax Planner

12.07.2016 | Industry Insights

This easy-to-use reference and planning tool updates as tax laws change. Segmented into common areas of interest such as Income & DeductionsFamily & EducationBusinessRetirement, and Estate Planning, the Planner provides insights on tax traps and approaches that you may want to explore further. To clarify what can be complex concepts, the planner provides case studies that give a real world flavor and greater understanding.

To request a hardcopy, email and be sure to include your postal address. 

Tax Planner 2016-17 - Download PDF

This guide is not designed to take the place of a personal meeting with your Berdon advisor. We recommend that you schedule a meeting to discuss your planning and the appropriate strategies and options.


Major tax law changes on the horizon?

The outcome of the presidential election likely will result in an overhaul of the U.S. tax code.

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New tax filing deadlines now in effect

Some business and individual deadlines have been moved up for 2016. Others have been pushed out.

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Is your business organized as a partnership?

Your risk of being audited may increase under the revised partnership audit rules.

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Research credit is permanent!

This valuable credit is for businesses that increase their investments in R&D.

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