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Breakfast with Berdon – Jeff Gural Discusses His Success With Converted Offices & Creative Tenant Outreach

11.21.22 | How a Hands-On Approach with Tenants Has Kept Jeff Gural On Top In the fourth episode of Breakfast with Berdon, GFP’s Jeff Gural tells Berdon LLP’s Meyer Mintz […]

What Is the 179D Deduction, and How Can You Benefit?

The 179D deduction is not new, but the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) changed its application and mechanics while greatly increasing the maximum potential benefit. This post is an overview of […]

Corporate Culture and Hybrid/Remote Work

According to a 2022 McKinsey survey of 25,000 people, 58% of all Americans report having the opportunity to work from home at least one day per week. About 35% report […]

Application for the COVID-19 Capital Costs Tax Credit Program is Open

Berdon State and Local Tax Team 11.10.22 | Client Alert On April 28, 2022, New York State enacted the 2022-2023 Budget Bill, which included the COVID-19 Capital Costs Tax Credit […]

Guidance For Transitioning Your Manufacturing Business to the Next Generation

Marcy Greenfield, CPA 11.8.22 | Industry Insights Succession planning for family-owned manufacturing and distribution companies can be an arduous task, especially if the company also employs non-family members. These situations […]

Retirement and Estate Planning Under the Secure Act

The SECURE Act (the Act), enacted at the end of 2019, introduced sweeping changes to retirement plans. Estate planning revolving around retirement plan benefits has changed since the Act took […]

Multifamily Outlook: Caution, Reimagining, Recovery

11.03.22 |  Industry Insights What is ahead for the tri-state multifamily market in the current sea of uncertainty? Commercial Observer and the Berdon LLP Real Estate Practice tackled this critical […]

NYC Resident Owners of a Pass-through Entity May Benefit from the New York City Pass-Through Entity Tax

In the past year, many states adopted pass-through entity tax legislation as a workaround for the federal $10,000 state and local tax deduction cap. Currently, more than half of the […]

Year-End is Approaching, Get Your Financials in Order

Christopher Imperiale, CPA 10.31.22 | Practice Made Perfect Another challenging year for the legal industry is about to end, and reviewing the firm’s finances before year-end is critical for positioning […]

Strategize for Next Year – No Time Like the Present

As a tax advisor, I am regularly in a position where I wish I knew about certain events earlier. With time, I can generally deal with issues to maximize the […]

Internal Control Benefits for Tech Start-ups

Anya Inochkina, CPA 10.20.22 | Industry Insights A strong system of internal controls protects a company’s assets against fraud and ensures timeliness and accuracy of financial information. The process of […]

2022-23 Tax Planning Guide – Claim Opportunities That Fit Your Circumstances

10.19.22 | Client Alert Tax Planning Guide Updates in Real Time This year’s Inflation Reduction Act, the still impactful Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA), and ongoing chatter […]