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New Berdon Website – Who We Are, What Prospects Seek

NEW YORK — “Just what are people looking for when they visit an accounting firm website?” asked Berdon LLP Chief Marketing Officer Frank Vitale.  “In today’s environment, seconds count.  People want the exact information they are seeking quickly, concisely, and in an easily understandable form. Otherwise, they’re gone.”

The newly launched Berdon LLP website (www.berdonllp.com) delivers on these demands, and provides much more. Simple to navigate, the website enables visitors to find the specialized expertise they seek and the professionals who deliver that expertise quickly and without information overload. The site also gives them access to hot news that may be of interest and makes it simple to ask questions and make contact with a Berdon advisor.

“Our new site very much reflects who we are today — our depth of expertise and areas of specialization as well as our diversity and culture,” says Chief Operating Officer Rebecca Goodman-Stephens, “Visually, it is light and uncluttered, and it invites the visitor to explore and learn more about us.”

Visitors can expect the tangibles — services, expertise, credentials, all the details that assure them that the firm offers the high quality services that meet their needs. At the same time, they will get a better sense of the intangibles — the people, the culture, the very personality of the firm.

“To help us achieve our goals, we teamed with MAXBURST (www.maxburst.com), a top-rated website design and digital marketing agency,” added Vitale. “We found them quick on the uptake, translating our goals and desires into concepts that we were able to refine to meet our needs and fulfill our mission.”

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