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Listen. Solve. Do.

09.01.2018 | Bloomberg Businessweek, Money, & Fortune

Three simple words encompass all that Berdon LLP Accountants and Advisors does to advise on navigating today’s dynamic business, tax, and financial landscape.

The Listen. Solve. Do. mantra has been the foundation of the firm’s service approach since 1917 and has driven its team to assist generations of clients in positioning themselves for a secure financial future as well as growing and protecting their businesses.

“We’re good at listening and understanding not just the words our clients say but also the greater issues behind their words,” says Mark Bosswick, CPA, J.D., LL.M., Co-Managing Partner. “There are many complexities inherent to businesses that are family held and that may involve a number of personalities possessing various talents, strengths, and agendas. We can’t presuppose their needs, and there’s no way a simple cookie-cutter solution would ever suffice.”

The firm operates in a collegial manner— the collective vision, knowledge, experience, and education of its team, Bosswick suggests, allows for nimble responsiveness, as demonstrated in Berdon’s leadership in hot-button areas affecting today’s market, such as tax reform, technological innovation, and cybersecurity.

Tax Reform

“December’s passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act represents the largest change to the tax code since 1986. It will totally reform how clients do business, the structure of their businesses, and—most dramatically of all—their tax and succession planning,” says Stuart Kotler, CPA, J.D., Co-Managing Partner.

Berdon has invested significantly in its Tax Reform Task Force, a group of approximately 150 tax professionals tasked with analyzing the new tax law and providing clients with regular insights and expertise to help them stay up-to-date on how they and their businesses will be impacted.

“The Task Force is taking a fresh and holistic look at every client—tax opportunities, operational issues, and structure—to ease their concerns, answer their questions, and develop a plan that ensures compliance and maximizes tax savings going forward,” Kotler elaborates.

Berdon is also working to develop standards for specific types of businesses and has already launched a Tax Reform Hub on its website, providing exemplary resources for anyone interested in learning more about the effects of the tax act.

Technological Innovation and Cybersecurity

The Berdon team recognizes that unprecedented technological innovation has changed the face of business. “Commodity aspects of our industry are being replaced by IT, Berdon LLP resulting in our development of a more innovative service approach as well as our professionals becoming more strategic and integral to our clients’ businesses,” says Rebecca Goodman-Stephens, Chief Operating Officer.

Today’s technological evolution is also significantly impacting companies across all industries—making Berdon’s clients more susceptible to risk. “We’ve just launched Berdon Technology Services, providing clients with assistance in examining infrastructure, applications, business processes, data transmission procedures, and data storage practices to reduce their internal and external vulnerabilities,” Bosswick says.

Berdon’s experts have extensive experience performing various PCI tests, including penetration testing and risk assessments, with an emphasis placed on the migration of data storage to cloud-based services, which carries a greater risk of breach.

“Every company out there is bound to experience an attempted cyberattack, but we are here to ensure that the companies and individuals we work with have the appropriate internal controls in order,” Kotler explains. “Should an incident occur, we will partner with the client on disaster recovery and business continuity, reducing the impact and risk of recurrence and assuring clients they are as protected as possible.”

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