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We seek out only the best and brightest to join the Berdon family

Where to launch your accounting career is an important decision and is one that the Berdon Team wants you take seriously. As a top 50 accounting and advisory firm, we are not only looking for the best and the brightest, but also for individuals that are committed to helping us achieve the strategic objectives of the Firm and of its clients.

At Berdon, our professionals are our greatest asset. As such, we make significant investments to provide our employees with the training and guidance needed to develop a successful career. Through continuous education at every level, Berdon professionals are groomed to become technical specialists as well as business advisors who bring a comprehensive approach to each engagement.





William Craine, CPA | Senior Manager

“Berdon has been a great place for me to launch my career because of the Firm’s emphasis on developing well-rounded professionals who excel in multiple areas. I value that everyone at the Firm works hard to meet the needs of our clients while still maintaining a good work-life balance. I strongly recommend Berdon to anyone who is pursuing or continuing a career in public accounting.”

Winnie Li, CPA | Senior Associate II

“Since starting at Berdon as an intern, I have encountered endless opportunities for growth. I work with intelligent, like-minded individuals from all levels who are committed to my success, and to building lasting bonds and friendships. I consider some mentors and confidants. The workplace culture feels more like a second family, rather than a job. I recommend Berdon to anyone seeking a career surrounded by people who care about your professional development and personal growth.”

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