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Berdon Smart. Berdon Heart. Berdon Strong.®

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Berdon Smart. Berdon Heart. Berdon Strong.®

Berdon Smart. Berdon Heart. Berdon Strong.® describes our firms culture and philosophy.

Berdon Smart

Simply put, Berdon Smart refers to the fusion of two disciplines—accounting and law—that exists at Berdon. The majority of our tax partners hold J.D. and LL.M. degrees, as well as the CPA certification. Other partners and principals hold the MBA degree or additional certifications. The professionals at Berdon never stop learning.


Berdon Heart

Berdon Heart refers to Berdon’s benefits program, which matches or exceeds that offered by many firms. But here’s where the difference lies: at Berdon, those benefits are extended to you and protect you from the first moment that you come to work. There is no “limbo” period or waiting period before you qualify to be a part of these programs. You come to work. You are covered. You are eligible.

Work life balance is a core component to our culture. In addition to a number of firm wide events held throughout the year such as Team building events, post busy season celebrations, a holiday party and happy hours, we also offer a number of work life integration programs.

  • Our generous Paid Time Off program and Summer Friday policy provide you with the flexibility you need and deserve.
  • Our DressSmart policy/ Dress for your Day program allows each employee to decide each day whether to dress in casual attire (jeans), business casual or professional attire based upon his/her particular schedule for the day. This policy empowers our employees to use their discretion in determining what you wear to the office each day.
  • Our WorkSmart Program, is a formal Teleworking program that is available to all employees and allows them to work from home throughout the year.

These programs allow us to help our employees manage their work and personal lives.

Berdon Strong

Berdon Strong is our commitment to helping you reach your personal best. This encompasses a wide array of advantages from competitive salaries, to an incentive program for new business and employee referrals.

Berdon Strong also covers our weight loss and fitness programs, various sports teams and our newly designed wellness room. Whether you are relaxing in the massage chairs in our wellness rooms or weight training, we provide ample opportunity for you to remain healthy and active at work.

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