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Who We Serve

Affordable Housing

Who We Serve

Affordable Housing

Leveraging experience measured in decades, Berdon professionals serve as advisors to affordable housing projects at every stage — from pre-development to completion and throughout the demanding compliance process. We advise:

  • For-profit and not-for-profit developers with properties that utilize tax credits and other federal programs,
  • Investors and syndicators, and
  • Operators and property managers

Representing clients in highly complex transactions totaling in the billions of dollars, we evaluate the economics and claim the maximum tax advantages while performing transaction due diligence and helping overcome roadblocks. We offer insights to help ensure that the various compliance requirements are planned for and met and keep clients apprised of key deadlines and pending regulatory changes. Among our specialized services are:

  • Advising on the use of the Low-income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), solar credits, and Brownfield credits to maximize the benefits of combined tax credit structures
  • Structuring tax credit transactions with complex rental and financing scenarios
  • Structuring acquisition/rehabilitation transactions, including using LIHTCs and tax-exempt bond financing
  • Analyzing transactions and issuing reports on 95-5 and 50% tests and 10% carryover tests
  • Performing cost certifications
  • Analyzing Year 15 LIHTC exit strategies, consulting on property re-syndication, and weighing exit tax liability considerations
  • Conducting audits of HUD assisted projects with Section 8, FHA insured loans, and other HUD programs
  • Conducting Single Audits of federal programs under The Uniform Guidance
  • Developing financial statements
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