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Sweeping government reform, counter-reform, managed care bureaucracies, and rapidly advancing technological evolution take their toll on a healthcare organization’s bottom line. Berdon helps clients thrive, regardless of current industry constraints—finding ways to streamline operations, reduce costs, increase profitability, and claim opportunities to grow healthcare practices and build personal wealth. With more than 40 years of advising individual physicians, group practices, and large institutions, Berdon offers diverse services that include:

  • Enhancing operations: Tailoring compensation, pension, and retirement plans, and performing operational reviews, Berdon professionals suggest ways to make more effective use of technology and industry tools.
  • Driving revenue: Berdon introduces approaches to improve collection ratios, strengthen internal controls, and increase cash flow.
  • Limiting the tax bite: Berdon advises on structuring the practice to achieve the maximum tax benefits, by guiding management through federal, state, and local tax regulations.
  • Advising on business strategies: By applying tried-and-true, as well as emerging business practices, Berdon professionals work with clients to develop business plans, establish budgets, arrange financing, and explore group-practice opportunities.
  • Accelerating growth and income: Berdon helps clients accomplish their goals by structuring buy-ins and buyouts, pursuing mergers and acquisitions, and developing the most profitable provider and service mix.
  • Using wealth-building and protection strategies: As part of our comprehensive service to individual physicians, Berdon professionals offer recommendations for managing, growing, and transferring personal wealth (including gift and estate planning), laying groundwork for secure retirement.
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