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Advisors to family offices and private individuals since 1917, we have a deep understanding of the subtle and direct interplay between the needs of the business, the family and the individual members. Our approach is to gain an understanding of your complete picture—you, your family, and your goals and unique concerns—before making a single recommendation. Berdon professionals include attorneys, personal financial specialists, and valuation experts who deliver a full array of services to manage any financial situation and build strategies to help you maintain the lifestyle to which you’ve grown accustomed. We can assist you in the following areas:

  • Planning techniques to minimize federal, state, local and international taxes; protect assets; and pass wealth to the next generation.
  • Analyzing your diverse portfolio to determine ways to efficiently manage and to make the most of family assets.
  • Planning to help ensure that each generation’s goals are met in conjunction with the overall family goals, including the facilitation of family meetings.
  • Maintaining separate financial arrangements for estate, tax, security, and confidentiality purposes in accordance with the different needs of family members.
  • Providing personal business management services—ranging from bill paying and record keeping to managing multiple residences and vehicle leasing.
  • Facilitating sales and liquidations of property, art work, and other collectibles, as well as the purchase of each.
  • Planning to ensure that you reap the full benefits from charitable contributions.
  • Evaluating healthcare and other insurance coverage and identifying cost containment options.
  • Identifying funding options for education.

Working closely with your attorneys, investment advisors, insurance specialists, and others, we help to ensure that your planning is fully coordinated and in tune with your goals. Most Important: We earn no compensation or referral fees from any other source, so you can expect advice with you, and only you, in mind.

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