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More than ever, the impact of taxation is reaching deeper into every aspect of your business and personal life. Berdon takes up the challenge — stepping beyond the role of accountants to be your advisors and strategists. Our goal is to help you preserve the income and lifestyle you have worked so hard to earn. We do it by being totally immersed — 80% of our tax partners have advanced degrees, with many being both attorneys and CPAs. And we’re well grounded in the realities of business — sitting in on client management meetings to offer ideas and serve as soundings boards. Beyond the business side, we work closely with clients and their families to advise on their personal tax circumstances for the current and future generations. You can expect your team to:

Take the all-inclusive view: We weigh the tax impact on every element of your financial picture — individual and family needs, economics, business conditions, industry issues, trends. We are concerned not only about the current generation, but about future generations as well.

Maximize transactions: Carefully balancing economic and tax considerations, each facet of a transaction is reviewed; negotiation points are discussed; and ideas and alternatives are suggested.

Introduce ways to transfer wealth with little or no tax impact: Using the latest techniques, we develop estate planning, gifting, and trust strategies that can curb or eliminate the tax bite on you and your heirs.

All accounting firms will tell you that they are experts in tax compliance – that’s a given. What sets Berdon apart, however, is the fact that 80% of our tax partners also hold the J.D. and LL.M. degrees. That advanced knowledge and insight into tax law allows our partners to advise you with a depth of expertise and understanding of tax law that is simply not present in most accounting firms.


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