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Fiduciary Accounting

Our team of tax professionals — most are also attorneys, personal financial specialists, or fiduciary accountants — possess a deep understanding of the rules and complexities of preparing fiduciary accountings. We work closely with the fiduciary’s attorney to ensure that all interested parties are provided with informative accounting schedules. In this role, we:

  • Analyze the appropriate allocation of distributions from the business entities between income and principal;
  • Reconcile loans and distributions between the trust or estate and the business entities;
  • Decipher complicated, disorganized, and incomplete financial records to prepare useful and understandable accountings and reports;
  • Advise on compliance with The Prudent Investor Act, The Principal And Income Act, and similar legislation; and
  • Incorporate fiduciary accountings with an array of estate and trust services, among them planning and preparing federal and state estate and gift tax returns, fiduciary income tax returns, and the decedent’s final personal income tax returns. 

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