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We bring the full measure of our expertise in guiding closely held businesses — the very heart of our practice since our founding nearly a century ago — to advising clients in manufacturing, distribution and retail. In these sectors, success requires overcoming challenges that extend beyond product and production. Berdon helps manufacturers and distributors:

  • Enhance operational efficiency by setting up controls to monitor inventory, cash flow, sales, and payroll; initiating just-in-time and other resource management systems; and developing an operational budget.
  • Reduce the tax bite bystructuring your business to maximize the tax benefits while meeting the demands of federal, state, local, and foreign regulations.
  • Overcome international barriers for inbound and outbound transactions leveraging our international accounting and tax expertise and our membership in TIAG, a global alliance of more than 100 independent accounting firms in over 60 countries.

We’ve been successfully guiding clients through the evolutions and revolutions in retail for more than 50 years. In tune with retail’s changing landscape, we constantly refine procedures to help ensure profitability. In this role we help you:

  • Improve operations by offering inventive strategies to streamline and upgrade your operations and reduce overall costs — performing cost/benefit analyses, strategizing lease negotiations, reducing shrinkage, setting wage and benefit policies, and assisting in obtaining financing.
  • Maximize your tax position by structuring your business to make the most of the tax benefits, minimize taxes to businesses and owners through effective tax planning, examine the tax implications of leasing vs. buying equipment, and explore the changing IRS rules for independent contractors.

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