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Valuation Services

Berdon valuation models step beyond the numbers to examine the whole picture and capture the driving issues of the engagement.  This enables us to consider several scenarios before selecting what is most appropriate for the specific situation. The depth and value of our valuation is due to the experience and education of our valuation specialists, who hold the specialized CVA and ABV certifications and bring our clients both Big Four and private sector experience.

In litigation settings, this rigorous approach proves invaluable in fair market value and statutory fair value cases, and when assisting in challenging an opponent’s credibility or exposing weaknesses in an adversary’s position. With a seasoned understanding of court procedure and the subtleties of cross-examination, we provide formidable expert testimony. Berdon specialists also serve as arbitrators in business and shareholder disputes

In trust and estate matters, Berdon is recognized by attorneys for offering compelling valuation opinions and successfully representing clients before the IRS. Our full range of valuation services includes:

  • Estate and gift tax appraisals;
  • Valuations of interests in privately-held businesses, including control and minority interests;
  • Discount studies related to FLPs and LLCs; and
  • Analysis of minority interest, marketability, blockage, and other discounts, among many other areas.

In transactions, we consider market trends, history, economic conditions, as well as unique or obscure points in establishing a value. We bring this expertise to bear in setting an appropriate value for the sale of a business, evaluating merger or acquisition candidates, and in a multitude of other situations.

Whatever the financial instrument — stocks, bonds, debt instruments, nonstandard forms of equity — we meld the expertise of the accountant with a businessperson’s understanding in establishing value.

In bankruptcies, restructurings, and for the sale of assets, we assist trustees, investors, and executives by establishing the value of nonperforming and distressed securities, notes, and bonds.

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Valuation Services