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Labor Unions and Not-for-Profit Organizations

For more than half a century, Berdon has helped the management teams of labor unions and not for profit organizations of all types navigate successfully amid ever-changing government regulations.  We continue to introduce innovative approaches for managing finances, maintaining an efficient operation, and staying fully compliant.

Labor Unions

We assist labor unions in protecting workers and their benefits - identifying areas of risk and vulnerability in internal controls and offering ways to enhance security and protect their financial position. As needed, we offer forensic accounting services to detect questionable activities and have wide experience in litigations and providing expert testimony.  Our expertise encompasses financial statement audits, compliance payroll audits, and IRS and DOL examinations.

Not-for-Profit Organizations

Berdon proudly serves some of the areas' largest not for profit organizations and foundations so that they can meet vital health, welfare, social, spiritual, educational or environmental needs. We advise boards of directors, chief executives, and financial officers on issues in financial management, government and grant compliance, and day-to-day operations.

Equally important, we act to protect your most precious commodity - your reputation. To help ensure compliance with IRS regulations, we analyze revenue sources - reviewing and evaluating unrelated business income (UBI). We examine transactions to identify self-dealing or excess benefit issues.  Berdon operations experts gauge the effectiveness of system design and operation, especially relating to Uniform Guidance. You can call on us to audit compliance with grants; devise defined benefit plans; and develop compensation, retirement, and death benefit plans.

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