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A unique blend of challenges — business, economic, and tax as well as the changing winds of style and taste — face today’s hotel and restaurant owner/operator.  With decades of experience working with both leading figures in the hotel and restaurant sectors and pioneers driving to make their mark, we can help you meet short- and long-term goals.

Advisors with industry-specific experience structure entities to yield the most desirable business and tax results. We conduct internal audits to identify areas of risk and introduce controls to more efficiently monitor cash flow, sales, payroll, and other internal functions. You can look to Berdon to give you options for obtaining financing and to structure agreements including buy/sell and management agreements. When new business opportunities arise, Berdon due diligence and profitability studies can reveal the points that turn your decision.

The restaurant sector provides its own unique set of challenges. With a keen understanding of the issues, we keep on top of ongoing changes in rules for tip reporting and sales tax, as well as audits for tips, sales and use tax, and income tax.  Our role extends to setting up your internal controls, tracking performance, and performing in-depth due diligence.

Your goal, as a hotelier or restaurateur, is to provide the best experience you possibly can for your guests. It is our goal to provide that same level of service to you.

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