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Sweeping government reform, counter-reform, managed care bureaucracies, and galloping technological evolution can all take their toll on your bottom line.  Berdon helps you thrive through today’s constraints — finding ways to streamline your operations,  reduce costs, increase profitability; and claim opportunities to grow your practice  and build your personal wealth. With more than 40 years advising individual physicians, group practices, and large institutions, we offer a diverse menu of services, including:

Enhancing your operations: Tailoring compensation, pension and retirement plans and performing operational reviews, Berdon’s professionals suggest ways to make more effective use of technology and equipment.

Driving revenue: Berdon introduces approaches to improve collection ratios, strengthen internal controls, and increase cash flow.

Limiting the tax bite: Berdon advises on structuring the practice to achieve the maximum tax benefits and guiding you through federal, state, and local tax regulations.

Advising on business strategies: Applying practical and emerging business practices, we work with you to develop a business plan, establish a budget, arrange financing, and explore group practice opportunities.

Accelerating growth and income: We help you accomplish these goals by structuring buy-ins and buyouts, pursuing mergers and acquisitions, and developing the most profitable provider and service mix.

Introducing wealth building and protection strategies: As part of our comprehensive service to individual physicians, we offer recommendations for managing, growing, and transferring your personal wealth — including gift and estate planning — laying the groundwork for a secure retirement.

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