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Hedge funds … private equity funds … broker-dealers … venture capital companies … management companies... banks and other financial institutions.  From start-ups to established organizations, Berdon helps you structure partnership agreements, remain compliant, build an efficient operation, and make informed business decisions.

Hands-on partners, who stay ahead of changing regulations, guide your organization in operating efficiently and adhering to the latest regulations.  Dedicated state and local, federal, and international tax partners, most attorneys as well as CPAs, bring an experienced perspective to the most complex issues. Working closely with leadership and counsel, we help identify effective ways to increase operating efficiency and build a secure internal control environment. 

In addition, our seasoned professionals will help you explore transactions with an all-encompassing, strategic approach — evaluating from a business, economic, and tax perspective — to isolate and develop an appropriate structure while weighing financing options. Our due diligence process combs out the value drivers, potential deal breakers, and points to negotiate to guide you in deciding whether the transaction makes business and economic sense.

Our expertise to the Financial Services industry runs far deeper than traditional audit and tax compliance work. In addition to advising on the fund structure and operations, we also focus on the manager’s own financial health. We take a personal interest in the financial well-being of the manager, working with the manager to ensure that his/her own family and estate planning issues are in place to provide for the current and next generation.

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