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Royalty & Licensing Investigations

Royalty and licensing investigations require a specialized expertise that few accounting firms nationwide can provide. Berdon has been providing these services for decades.

In circumstances where licensees may not be fully complying with an agreement, our professionals look into the matter, identify areas in question, and assist in negotiations with the licensee. If necessary, we provide full litigation consulting. Berdon delivers the expertise you need as we:

  • Recommend modifications or amendments to current and planned agreements to maximize income flow;
  • Identify unclear, imprecise, or broad contract language to prevent different interpretations and income loss;
  • Track the impact of third-party agreements;
  • Perform due diligence;
  • Value catalogues and business arrangements;
  • Alert you to anticipated changes in tax laws that could affect your existing or planned agreements;
  • Notify you of new or unexplored licensing opportunities;
  • Investigate compliance disputes and disagreements to maximize revenue recognition;
  • Mitigate your litigation exposure;
  • Provide forensic accounting and auditing;
  • Deliver expert witness testimony; and
  • Assist in recovery action of settlement negotiations.