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Operational Reviews

A thorough review of every phase of your operations can give you a better understanding of the past, a firm grip on the present, and a clear vision for the future — and increase your bottom line.  Here’s a sampling of the questions we ask in a review. The answers we get lead to solutions that yield greater efficiency and profitability.

  • Purchasing: Are you regularly searching for new vendors? Do you seek out competitive bids? Are there checks and balances in place to prevent embezzlement or other means of internal fraud?
  • Production: Are orders processed in a timely fashion? Are staff, machinery, and equipment being utilized fully? Is your quality control program working?
  • Finance: Are internal controls in place and being followed? Do your books close on time? Do you compare forecasts to results?
  • Sales: Does your sales force have clear and realistic goals they understand? Do you have an adequate program for monitoring performance? Are salespeople focusing on the most profitable business opportunities? Has an effective incentive program been put in place?
  • Management: Has growth created a need for additional management or consultants? Conversely, do you have more managers than you need?

These are just a few of the areas where Berdon’s professionals will help you review and improve your business operations, always with the goal of increasing productivity and profit.