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Due Diligence

Our approach is hands-on throughout the entire process.  Our objective is to help you identify the value drivers, evaluate the deal breakers, and develop negotiating points essential to helping you make an informed business decision. 

From bid support during the auctioning phase to detailed financial due diligence once exclusivity is granted, we take a practical, risk-based approach to every engagement and have been effective in helping clients:

  • Understand the target’s control environment;
  • Identify and evaluate the target’s key business and operating risks;
  • Evaluate the quality of the target’s assets, reported earnings, and recurring cash flows;
  • Normalize the target’s historical margins and operating profits;
  • Assess the reliability of the target’s projections and determine if the underlying assumptions are reasonable;
  • Identify questionable transactions and issues that may affect the purchase price; and
  • Reveal cost-reduction opportunities impacting post-acquisition operations. 

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