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Corporate Finance

Whether you’re buying a business, selling an existing operation, or considering a potential merger, we work side-by-side to move the deal forward. Going beyond traditional due diligence, we determine a fair offer or asking price for the business; identify the most favorable tax structures; forecast growth; advise throughout negotiations; perform forensic accounting; and help structure the new business. Our services include: 

  • Acquisition Services: We evaluate the asking price, structure the transaction, perform due diligence, and provide financing options.
  • Divestiture Services: Berdon determines the asking price, identifies potential buyers, assists in negotiations, structures the deal, and analyzes the after-tax gain.
  • Valuation: Our valuation professionals establish the value of targeted purchasers, businesses and merger candidates. We help in drafting shareholder agreements, address tax planning issues, and validate the data and records related to valuing the business.
  • Financial Advisory: Our services include restructuring the company and debt, introducing new capital and financing, isolating buyout or buy-in opportunities, and determining if and when to take the company public.