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Business Interruption

We can help preserve your business and enable it to grow despite natural or man-made events that might otherwise destroy it.  Berdon works with you to make sure your resources — human, material, financial, and operational — are as disaster-resistant as possible. Our risk mitigation strategies help you avoid some disasters and lessen the impact of others. And if disaster does strike, we can help you recover. 

  • Avoiding Disasters: To keep mishaps from turning into disasters — and to minimize unavoidable disasters — we review the physical and operational security of your business, with particular emphasis on technology security, operational issues and the safety of your personnel and facilities safety.
  • Preparing for Disaster: We develop a strategy that includes establishing a disaster recovery team, analyzing risks and alternatives, creating a business resumption plan, and setting up procedures that maintain your disaster preparedness.
  • If Disaster Strikes: We help you at every step of recovery, dealing with government and private relief agencies, submitting and negotiating claims, obtaining tax extensions, and establishing loss valuations. We advise on finding new accommodations, post-disaster financing, reviving operations, and re-staffing.