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Billing | Collections | Disbursements

To help you receive every dollar you’re entitled to — and spend only as much as you must — we conduct in-depth reviews of your billing, collection, and disbursement procedures.

Our professionals examine accounts receivables and determine whether bills are sent out in a timely fashion, see if collection procedures are efficient and comprehensive, identify problems, and suggest solutions. On the disbursement side, we check the reasonableness of payments for payroll, utilities, legal and professional fees, security, insurance, and other expenses. We conduct random testing to determine whether procedures are followed, study service agreements and contracts to make sure no revenue sources are overlooked. As the need arises, we coordinate with other professionals such as attorneys and insurance advisors.

Berdon provides full-service billing and accounts receivable services. Your monthly invoicing is prepared using a variety of efficient time management software packages. We can develop customized bills for your firm, which can include as much — or as little — detail as you require. In addition, we will prepare monthly work-in-process reports and review them with you. We also prepare monthly aged account receivable reports — a valuable cash management tool.