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Audits in Compliance with IFRS

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) facilitate a common global language for businesses as the world continues to shrink and international boundaries are crossed with greater frequency by more and more companies.  While many firms of our size belong to one international association, Berdon works with two such organizations to offer even more localized resources to our clients: TIAG and TAGLaw®. 

We are members of TIAG, a global alliance of more than 115 independent accounting firms in over 65 countries. Through TIAG’s sister alliance with TAGLaw®, Berdon has access to more than 150 independent law firms in nearly 90 countries.  

These relationships, combined with our own audit expertise, enable us to assist you in complying with IFRS. We can match resources and professionals to implement an audit that fulfills the specific standards that are required.