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Assurance & Accounting

Assurance & Accounting

At the core of our service are our people — the more than 100 partners, professionals, and staff of our Audit Department who work every day to earn the confidence of our clients. It’s about our...

Credentials: Advanced degrees, membership in accounting and law societies and leadership on many technical committees, on business advisory boards, and government advisory panels.

Commitment to technical excellence — adhering to the letter and the spirit of the rules while offering challenging interpretations and alternative approaches.

Involvement in business and civic activities, public speaking, and media commentary.

Many roles as accountants, advisors and strategists who build strong and lasting client relationships.

Value to business owners and audit committees, who can rest assured when an audit is performed by Berdon professionals. Financial statements signed by Berdon professionals carry significant weight with lending institutions across the tri-state area.

For all these reasons, assurance and accounting services provided by Berdon should never be viewed as commodity services. We deliver a meaningful report and management letter that help organizations move forward and give confidence to boards of directors as well as lenders.

Our services include:

Audits | Reviews | Compilations

Employee Benefit Plan (401k) Audits

A-133 Audits

Audits in Compliance with IFRS

Revenue Recognition

Learn more about Berdon’s Assurance & Accounting Services and Wage and Hour Compliance Services.

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