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From our own professional home on Madison Avenue, Berdon has been at the heart of New York’s advertising community for decades. And we have had the privilege of serving some of the biggest and best agencies in the country, several of which grew into worldwide organizations. Today’s industry has changed and encompasses far more than the traditional advertising agencies of years gone by, and we have changed as well to meet the growing demands of the advertising, communications and technology sector.

It’s a business sector where perpetual change is interrupted only by revolutionary change. Because you’ve got to keep your eye on the business, Berdon is there to help ensure that it’s running at maximum efficiency. We bring decades of experience working with advertising, publishing and communications businesses of all types — from small shops to international giants, and have helped tech-sector companies navigate through development, growth and maturity.  

Our practice encompasses every aspect of your business and includes evaluating capital requirements, choosing an entity, identifying financing options, establishing policies on using independent contractors, and retaining staff. We work with you to develop efficient billing and collections systems and make the most of your tax position. Looking ahead, we advise on mergers and acquisitions and perform the essential due diligence and, assist you with your retirement and succession plans. 

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