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COVID-19 Impact and Response

Reopening | Re-igniting the Economy COVID-19 Impact and Response

Reopening | Re-igniting the Economy


3.25.21 | Light at the End of the Tunnel for Tri-State Hospitality | Jack Pulvirenti, CPA – UPDATED 4.28.21

1.06.21 | NYS Acts to Prevent Evictions and Foreclosures and Protect Property Owners | Mitchell Marcus, CPA

12.17.20 | Hope Rests on the Tip of a Needle | Mitchell Marcus, CPA

12.08.20 | Success in 2021 Pivots on the Lessons of 2020 – Manufacturing/Retail | Marcy Greenfield, CPA, Ian Alberts, CPA and Jonathan San Solo, CPA

11.30.20 | Leveraging 2020 to Prepare for 2021 – Law Firms | Jonathan San Solo, CPA

11.10.20 | WEBINAR: Heartbreak Hotels – Navigating Distress, Recovery and Opportunity | Berdon Hospitality Practice

Additional COVID-19 information below.

10.29.20 | WEBINAR: Families First Coronavirus Response Act | Naya Pearlman, J.D., LL.M. and Tara Toevs Carolan, Partner at Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP

10.05.20 | VIDEO: New Directions For Office Space | John Fitzgerald, CPA and Gabe Marans, NY Savills, Inc.

7.31.20 | Retail – Overcoming the COVID-19 Hurdles, Finding Opportunities | Marcy Greenfield, CPA and Anthony Graci, CPA

7.29.20 | PPP Loan Forgiveness – Maintaining FTE and Salary Levels | Joseph Most, J.D.

7.09.20 | Business Continuity Management Planning – Lessons Learned | Alexander Moshinsky, CPA

6.17.20 | Breaking the Chains: COVID-19’s Impact on Global Supply Chains | Ian Alberts, CPA and Christopher Taglianetti, CPA

6.17.20 | NYC Real Estate – Humility, Resiliency and Recovery | Geoffrey Kayton, CPA

5.21.20 | Reopening NYC’s Restaurants – The Challenges, The Opportunities | Igor Kumits, CPA

5.21.20 | Emerging Strong After COVID-19 | John Fitzgerald, CPA

5.20.20 | First Look at Key Aspect’s of the PPP’s Loan Forgiveness Process | Joseph Most, J.D.

5.11.20 | WEBINAR: Coming Back to Healthy Buildings – Planning for Post-COVID-19

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