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COVID-19 Impact and Response

Business Continuity and Economic Impact COVID-19 Impact and Response

Business Continuity and Economic Impact


4.13.21 | Is This the End of the American Mall As We Know It? | Jigar Shah, CPA

3.08.21 | The Challenge of Business Impairment | Jonathen D. Scalzitti, CPA

11.10.20 | WEBINAR: Heartbreak Hotels – Navigating Distress, Recovery and Opportunity | Berdon Hospitality Practice

10.29.20 | WEBINAR: Families First Coronavirus Response Act | Naya Pearlman, J.D., LL.M. and Tara Toevs Carolan, Partner at Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP

10.01.20 | Survey: New York Multifamily Under Duress | Berdon LLP and Commercial Observer

Additional COVID-19 information below.

7.09.20 | Business Continuity Management (BCM) Planning – Lessons Learned | Alexander Moshinsky

6.04.20 | Third Party Service Providers May Be Putting Your Business at Risk | Alexander Moshinsky, CPA

6.01.20 | Election to Accelerate Disaster Loss Deductions May Create Cash Flow Opportunities | Ken Maeng, J.D. and Shayne Byrne, J.D.

6.01.20 | VIDEO: The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on Business Operations | Rebecca Goodman-Stephens and Frank Vitale

5.20.20 | Quarantine and the Accidental State and Local Tax Resident | Richard Goldstein, J.D.

5.19.20 | COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims – There’s Still Hope | John Fitzgerald, CPA

5.15.20 | VIDEO: Business Continuity Questions Family Offices Should be Considering | Elizabeth Zabludoff

5.05.20 | Hoteliers and Restaurateurs: How Forgivable Are Your PPP Loans? | Jack Pulvirenti, CPA

5.05.20 | General Overview of Factors and Considerations in Terminating a NYC Domicile and Establishing a New Domicile only in NYS | Wayne K. Berkowitz, CPA, J.D., LL.M.

6.22.20 | WEBINAR: COVID-19 State & Local Tax Impact on Individuals and Businesses | Wayne K. Berkowitz, CPA, J.D., LL.M. and Richard Goldstein, J.D.

6.17.20 | Breaking the Chains: COVID-19’s Impact on Global Supply Chains | Ian Alberts, CPA and Christopher Taglianetti, CPA

5.04.20 | Pandemic Heightens Need for Vigilant Cybersecurity | Alex Moshinsky, CPA

4.28.20 | VIDEO: The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact of Businesses – Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail | Marcy Greenfield, CPA and Frank Vitale

4.27.20 | Major Shocks, Like COVID-19, Signal a Review of Your Estate Plan | Melissa Abbott, CPA and Scott T. Ditman, CPA/PFS

4.24.20 | VIDEO: The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on U.S. Tax Residency | Lisa Goldman, CPA, TEP, M.Tax and Frank Vitale

4.13.20 | My REIT Partner Wants … To Know How the CARES Act Affects Our Business | Evan Fox, J.D., LL.M.

4.23.20 | State Nexus Implications of Telecommuting Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic | Sarah Kim, J.D., LL.M.

4.23.20 | VIDEO: The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on Industries – Law Firms | John Fitzgerald, CPA and Frank Vitale

4.20.20 | The Key Ingredients for a Successful Remote Administrative Workforce | Jason Lloyd

4.16.20 | COVID-19 and the Unintended Resident; the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly | Lisa Goldman, CPA, TEP, M.Tax

4.14.20 | Are Your Internal Controls Still Effective? | Alexander Moshinsky, CPA

4.09.20 | CARES Act – Unemployment Assistance | Veronique Horne, J.D. and Geoffrey Kayton, CPA

4.08.20 | WEBINAR: Remote Workforce Revolution | Align and Berdon LLP

4.08.20 | VIDEO: COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on State Residency: PART 1 and PART 2 | Wayne K. Berkowitz, CPA, J.D., LL.M. and Richard Goldstein, J.D. – UPDATED  4.15.20

4.08.20 | COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on the Real Estate Industry | Geoffrey Kayton, CPA

4.08.20 | COVID-19 and Its Impact on NYC Property Managers | Jonathen Scalzitti, CPA

4.01.20 | Summary of Employee Retention Credit and Deferral of Payroll Taxes | Shayna Byrne, J.D.

3.25.20 | Managing the Business of Law with COVID-19 | John Fitzgerald, CPA and Christopher Imperiale, CPA

3.24.20 | Managing Cash Flow and Liquidity During the Crisis | Marcus Hahn

3.20.20 | REBNY Members Pledge 90 Day Hold on Retail, Restaurant Eviction | Matthew Doty, CPA

3.20.20 | COVID-19 – Managing the Impact on Hospitality | Jack Pulvirenti, CPA

3.19.20 | Tax Relief under Families First Coronavirus Response Act | Naya Pearlman, J.D., LL.M., Ken H. Maeng, J.D. and Shayna Byrne, J.D.

3.18.20 | How to Protect Your Business from Coronavirus Phishing & Cyber Scams

3.16.20 | Working From Home: Tips to Promote Productivity

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