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Hospitality and OTAs – Navigating Changes in Recognizing Revenue

Scott Heller, CPA 06.07.2018 | Berdon Industry Insights In an ideal world, most hotels would prefer only direct bookings, but this is neither possible nor always preferable in the age […]

The Changing Face of Retail

Vincent Altieri, CPA and William Craine, CPA 06.07.2018 | Berdon Industry Insights “Adapt or perish” has been the cry of retailers since the first entrepreneur nailed up a sign reading […]

To File, or Not to File…that is the question

Evan Fox, J.D., LL.M. 06.06.2018 | CryptoLogic Along with the taxability of hard forks and airdrops, the topic which I receive the most questions, by far, is potential foreign asset […]

Digital Asset Estate Considerations

Evan Fox, J.D., LL.M. 05.10.2018 | CryptoLogic For many, the allure of digital asset investing is often related to the concept of decentralization and avoidance of some institutional oversight. Accordingly, […]

Hard Fork Taxation: The Curious Crypto Conundrum

Evan Fox, J.D., LL.M. 04.25.2018 | CryptoLogic The realm of digital/crypto assets (“crypto”) is riddled with situations tangentially analogous to more well-settled, and regulated, activities. Through the spectrum of these […]

For Advertising Agencies Doing Digital Work, R&D Credits Are More Attractive Than Ever

Hal Zemel, CPA, J.D., LL.M. and Jeffrey Frisch, CPA 04.24.2018 | Berdon Industry Insights During the past year Berdon identified over $1 million in Research & Development (R&D) credit opportunities […]

Crypto Tax Filing, Reporting & Accounting Logistics: Not as painful as missing a #moon, but still pretty bad

Evan Fox, J.D., LL.M. 04.13.2018 | CryptoLogic Welcome to the Tax Deadline Edition of CryptoLogic. Right now is the big push towards tax year 2017’s first filing deadline, which as […]

A Boost in Infrastructure Spending is Good News for the NYC Metro Real Estate Market

Marc Fogel, CPA and Jon Scalzitti, CPA 04.11.2018 | Berdon Industry Insights In recent years, the boom in the NYC Metro real estate market has been aided by a surge […]

The Last Mile Dilemma: How E-Commerce Retailers are Impacting Commercial Real Estate

Jon Scalzitti, CPA and Michael Muoio 04.11.2018 | Berdon Industry Insights In today’s digital-driven world, the expanding reach of the internet has increased the speed at which businesses and individuals […]