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Management Letters Can Reveal Problems and Help Find Solutions

Manufacturing | Distribution | Retail Practice 09.13.2016 | eVisor The management letter can provide innovative ideas, based on industry best practices, about ways to improve internal control systems, streamline operations, […]

Cashing Out On Condos: Considerations To Maximize Profitability

Meyer Mintz, CPA, J.D., LL.M 08.25.2016 | Bisnow A condo conversion can be a financially rewarding endeavor or cash trap, depending on how the building owner approaches the project. Its […]

Construction Companies Receive Guidance on Domestic Production Deduction

Berdon Tax Team 08.17.2016 | eVisor Construction is generally considered to be a domestic production activity eligible for a deduction typically equal to 9% of the taxable income attributable to […]

Clarity on Cancellation of Debt Rules

08.03.2016 | eVisor The IRS has finalized regulations1 for determining who is the “taxpayer” in applying the insolvency and bankruptcy exceptions to discharge-of-indebtedness rules to a grantor trust or disregarded […]

IRS Changing the Way it Examines Tax-Exempts – Penalties Expected to Rise

08.03.2016 | eVisor It appears that the IRS has been increasing the number of audits it is conducting of tax-exempt organizations and is more likely to assess penalties. The IRS […]

IRA Funding Structure Ruled a Prohibited Transaction

07.13.2016 | eVisor The Tax Court held that a couple participated in a prohibited transaction by personally guaranteeing loans to a company owned by their IRAs.1 This left them liable […]

IRS Expands Scope of Tax Relief for Identity Protection Services

07.13.2016 | eVisor Recognizing the increasing threat of identity fraud today, the IRS has expanded the scope of its tax treatment of identity protection services provided to employees to coverage […]

The IRS will not call you …

07.13.2016 | eVisor The increase in telephone scams, phishing activity, and identity theft has resulted in a new policy as of May 6, 2016, from the Internal Revenue Service: When […]

The State of the Real Estate Industry on Long Island: Co-operation Key to Future Development

Kayte Steinert-Threlkeld 05.17.2016 | LIBN: State of the LI Real Estate Event Developers, townships, and local governments on Long Island are working closer together than ever to create transit-oriented residential […]