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Accounting for Law Firms: Best Practices Lawyers Should Know

John Fitzgerald, CPA 10.29.2015 | Bloomberg BNA To operate successfully in today’s environment, law firms need to develop, implement, and monitor strong financial and operational practices. John Fitzgerald, Berdon’s Chair […]

IRS Teams with Foreign Tax Administrations to Uncover Tax Evasion

Berdon Tax Team 10.27.2015 | eVisor In its ongoing initiative to uncover offshore tax evasion by US taxpayers, the IRS has announced the exchange of financial account information with foreign […]

Cyberattacks on CRE: Real and Inevitable

Rita Pierre, CPA and Suzy Zaky 10.07.2015 | Real Estate Weekly It is a common and dangerous misconception that cyberattacks happen to others – giant retailers, government agencies – but […]

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans under Increased IRS Scrutiny

10.27.2015 | eVisor For 2016, the Employee Plans Team Audit (EPTA) division of the IRS is stepping up reviews of internal compliance controls for large plans – those with at […]

Connecticut Substantially Increases Probate Fees for Larger Estates

Marco Svagna, CPA 09.28.2015 | eVisor Under recent legislation, the large estates of Connecticut residents dying on or after January 1, 2015 are being hit with sizable increases in probate […]

IRS Addresses the Taxability of Identity Protection Services

Berdon Tax Team 09.28.2015 | eVisor In the harsh reality of the identity fraud era, employers are taking steps to protect the safety of private information. In a welcome bit […]

New Estate Tax Reporting Requirements Delayed

Scott Ditman, CPA/PFS and Marco Svagna, CPA 09.28.2015 | eVisor New estate tax reporting requirements imposed by the recent transportation spending act1 (the Act) have been delayed until February 29, […]

Foundation’s Aggressive Estate Tax Avoidance Strategy Shot Down

09.08.2015 | eVisor The title of the foundation was an attention-getter: “Educational Assistance Foundation for the Descendants of Hungarian Immigrants in the Performing Arts, Inc.” Set up by the estate […]

Favorable Decision on the Deduction of Mortgage Interest

Berdon Tax Team 09.08.2015 | eVisor The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently allowed two unmarried co-owners of a property to apply the mortgage interest deduction on a per-taxpayer basis […]