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Understanding the Statement of Cash Flows

Grace Singer, CPA 10.27.2016 | eVisor The statement of cash flows, arguably the most misunderstood and underappreciated part of a company’s annual report, highlights the sources and uses of cash. […]

The Changing Face of the Law Firm Industry

John Fitzgerald, CPA 10.20.2016 | Practice Made Perfect In an increasingly competitive environment, law firms that want to remain competitive and profitable must rethink the “business as usual” model and […]

Berdon Blogs Reach One-Year Milestone

Kayte Steinert-Threlkeld 09.13.2016 | eVisor Since launching three blogs in September 2015, Berdon LLP has published more than 150 blog posts on general tax issues, state and local tax issues, […]

Management Letters Can Reveal Problems and Help Find Solutions

Manufacturing | Distribution | Retail Practice 09.13.2016 | eVisor The management letter can provide innovative ideas, based on industry best practices, about ways to improve internal control systems, streamline operations, […]

Cashing Out On Condos: Considerations To Maximize Profitability

Meyer Mintz, CPA, J.D., LL.M 08.25.2016 | Bisnow A condo conversion can be a financially rewarding endeavor or cash trap, depending on how the building owner approaches the project. Its […]

Construction Companies Receive Guidance on Domestic Production Deduction

Berdon Tax Team 08.17.2016 | eVisor Construction is generally considered to be a domestic production activity eligible for a deduction typically equal to 9% of the taxable income attributable to […]

Clarity on Cancellation of Debt Rules

08.03.2016 | eVisor The IRS has finalized regulations1 for determining who is the “taxpayer” in applying the insolvency and bankruptcy exceptions to discharge-of-indebtedness rules to a grantor trust or disregarded […]

IRS Changing the Way it Examines Tax-Exempts – Penalties Expected to Rise

08.03.2016 | eVisor It appears that the IRS has been increasing the number of audits it is conducting of tax-exempt organizations and is more likely to assess penalties. The IRS […]

Creating a Lateral Plan that Will Work

John Fitzgerald and Vincent Bell, Upstream Consulting Group 07.19.2016 | Practice Made Perfect In an industry facing a decrease in billable hours per attorney, flat budgets at clients, and an […]