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Economic Nexus: The New Normal?

Berdon State and Local Tax Team 05.17.2017 | Berdon Industry Insights States are continuously looking for additional revenue streams in order to mitigate budget shortfalls in today’s challenging economic environment. […]

Inventory Controls in the Public Warehouse

Manufacturing | Distribution | Retail Practice 05.17.2017 | Berdon Industry Insights Private warehouses continue to represent approximately 77% of storage facilities within the United States. Yet, an increasing number of […]

GAAP vs. Income Tax Basis Accounting

Meyer Mintz, CPA, J.D., LL.M. and Marc Fogel, CPA 04.05.2017 | Berdon Industry Insights Owners, investors, and operators of real estate assets have increasingly turned to the use of income […]

A compendium of best practices for today’s administrative professional

Jason B. Lloyd 04.05.2017 | Business Management Daily In today’s business world, being proficient in a specific skillset is not always enough. To be successful in an administrative role, it […]

IRA Rollover Relief

03.30.2017 | eVisor The IRS issued guidance providing welcome relief to taxpayers who have attempted to roll over an individual retirement arrangement (IRA), but were not able to successfully get […]

Tax Planning Opportunity for High Net Worth Taxpayers in the AMT

Berdon Tax Group 03.30.2017 | eVisor Certain provisions of the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act created the ever popular 0% tax rate for long-term capital gains and qualified […]

W-2 Phishing Scams Expanding to Schools, Restaurants, Nonprofits…

03.30.2017 | eVisor The IRS is warning all employers that the Form W-2 email phishing scam has expanded beyond the business world to other sectors including school districts, hospitals, restaurants, […]

Made in America, More and More

Manufacturing | Distribution | Retail Practice 03.28.2017 | Berdon Industry Insights Manufacturers who want to remain competitive in the U.S. and global marketplace must constantly take a big picture approach […]

Real Estate Trends in the Law Firm Industry

John Fitzgerald, CPA 03.23.2017 | Practice Made Perfect The October 2016 issue of Practice Made Perfect addressed the need for law firms to adopt a new resource model in the face of […]