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NYS is the latest to Impose a Pass-through Entity Tax … and it actually is a good thing

Wayne K. Berkowitz, CPA, J.D., LL.M. and Richard Goldstein, J.D. 4.15.21 | Practice Made Perfect Many law firm partners have felt the pain inflicted by the federal Tax Cuts and […]

Is this the end of the American mall as we know it?

Jigar Shah, CPA 4.13.21 | Industry Insights The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we live now and some of the protocols put in place to fight the pandemic will […]

The Pandemic Paradox: Law Firm Profits Rise Despite COVID-19

Christopher Imperiale, CPA 4.8.21 | Practice Made Perfect A year in, clear winners and losers have emerged from the COVID-19 crisis. Online retailers such as Amazon, delivery apps like Instacart, […]

Light at the End of the Tunnel for Tri-State Hospitality

Jack Pulvirenti, CPA 3.25.21 | Industry Insights Updated: 4.16.21 The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on the hospitality industry. Bars and restaurants spent most of 2020 shut down, […]

New York’s SHIELD Act Is More Important Than Ever

Alexander Moshinsky, CPA, Berdon LLP, and John T. Araneo, Managing Director, Align Cybersecurity 3.18.21 | Berdon VISION The SHIELD Act amends preexisting New York laws, creating a broader reach with […]

The Challenge of Business Impairment Testing

Jonathen D. Scalzitti, CPA, Cecilia Kao, CPA, and Ryan Dolan, CPA 3.8.21 | Industry Insights Among the many detrimental consequences of COVID-19 were business and production disruptions, supply chain interruptions, […]

The Great Engine of Change: How Automation is Transforming American Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail

Marcy Greenfield, CPA and Robert Pokorny, CPA 3.1.21 | Industry Insights In his book, The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the economist Klaus Schwab wrote about an impending revolution brought about by […]

My REIT Partner Wants … to NOT sell for a quick gain!

Evan Fox, J.D., LL.M 2.2.21 | Industry Insights – Special REIT Edition Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) came into existence in the 1960s, as a way for individual investors to […]

The Coming “PropTech” Revolution in Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Jigar Shah, CPA 1.12.21 | Industry Insights By now, anyone who has a stake in the financial markets, from hedge fund managers down to holders of 401(k)s, knows that “FinTech” […]