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Retail – Overcoming the COVID-19 Hurdles, Finding Opportunities

Marcy Greenfield, CPA and Anthony Graci, CPA 7.31.20 | Industry Insights – COVID-19 Update As regions throughout the United States enter different phases of a reopening plan, it is important […]

Accounting for a PPP Loan

Smit Shah, CPA 7.10.20 | Vision 2020 – COVID-19 Update CARES Act Briefing The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provides significant relief for small businesses by authorizing […]

Business Continuity Management (BCM) Planning – Lessons Learned

Alexander Moshinsky, CPA 7.9.20 | Vision 2020 – COVID-19 Update Business operations can be adversely affected by a catastrophic event. How well each organization can ride out a storm, deeply […]

Breaking the Chains: COVID-19’s Impact on Global Supply Chains

Ian Alberts, CPA and Christopher Taglianetti, CPA 6.17.20 | COVID-19 Industry Insights In mid-March, as the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic was becoming more and more evident with each passing […]

NYC Real Estate – Humility, Resiliency and Recovery

Geoffrey Kayton, CPA 6.17.20 | COVID-19 Industry Insights As we emerge from a three-month period of what some are calling The Great Lockdown, the path to economic recovery is becoming […]

Third Party Service Providers May Be Putting Your Business at Risk

Alexander Moshinsky, CPA 6.4.20 | Vision 2020 As businesses navigate the risks associated with these unprecedented new operating conditions, an entire, multifaceted area of vulnerability may be overlooked—the potential risks […]

Reopening NYC’s Restaurants – The Challenges, The Opportunities

Igor Kumits, CPA 5.21.20 | COVID-19 Industry Insights The New York City restaurant sector has suffered enough body blows from the COVID-19 crisis to take down the toughest heavyweight contender. […]

Emerging Strong After COVID-19

John Fitzgerald, CPA 5.21.20 | Vision 2020 – COVID-19  Update It has finally begun. With the announcement by Governor Cuomo of the first steps toward the reopening of New York […]

RPIE Due Date Extended and Other Important Changes

William Craine, CPA 5.20.20 | Industry Insights – COVID-19  Update Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the New York City Department of Finance has extended the due date for 2019 Real […]