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Repurposing Your Office Space? Know The Ropes

Mitchell Marcus, CPA 5.19.22 | Industry Insights Has the Great Reset also spawned the Great Conversion? Only time will tell. One thing that is certain is that the idea of […]

Manufacturers Shift to Direct-to-Consumer Model

Ian Alberts, CPA 5.18.22 | Industry Insights As the COVID-19 pandemic surged throughout the United States, companies were left without their traditional retail outlets or third-party vendors to distribute their […]

Growth Through Laterals — Supersize It  

John Fitzgerald, CPA 5.16.22 | Practice Made Perfect Law firms might bring in a single lateral or a few top performers to start or enhance a practice area and fill […]

Navigating the New York City Severance Law in Difficult Times

Jack Pulvirenti, CPA 5.11.22 | Industry Insights The Hotel Association of New York City’s recent efforts to strike down the hotel severance law were denied by a federal judge.1 The […]

Pitching for Results – Traction, Team and Competition

Jeffrey Kovacs, CPA, CGMA 5.10.22 | Industry Insights Our Pitching for Results series [2.15.22 and 3.16.22] moves ahead as we turn our attention to lessons learned in the areas of traction, […]

NYS Provides an Additional Restaurant Return-to-Work Credit

Jack Pulvirenti, CPA 4.19.22 | Industry Insights The just-passed New York State fiscal 2022-2023 budget [analysis to follow] creates an additional restaurant return-to-work tax credit. The credit amount is equal to […]

Shaping Up Your Space to Attract Tech Tenants

Jigar Shah, CPA and Jeffrey Kovacs, CPA, CGMA 3.30.22 | Industry Insights The New York Metropolitan area is now being looked upon as a serious alternative to Silicon Valley. There […]

Pitching for Results – Products, Services, Marketing and Customer Acquisition

Jeffrey Kovacs, CPA, CGMA 3.16.22 | Industry Insights Our Pitching for Results series continues as we share the key lessons we have learned about developing and presenting effective investor pitches. […]

Inflation Breathes New Life into LIFO

John Fitzgerald, CPA 3.14.22 | Industry Insights There is nothing new about LIFO, the Last In, First Out method to account for inventory that records the most recently produced items […]