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A Trust Can Fortify Your Assets Against Creditors

You may think of trusts as estate planning tools — vehicles for reducing taxes after your death. While trusts certainly do fill that role, they’re also useful for protecting assets, […]

Estate Planning for Your Digital Assets and Accounts

Nearly everyone owns at least some digital assets, such as online bank and brokerage accounts, bill-paying services, cloud-based document storage, digital music collections, social media accounts, and domain names. But […]

Avoid Pitfalls When Splitting Gifts with your Spouse

The annual gift tax exclusion allows you to transfer up to $15,000 per beneficiary gift-tax-free for 2020, without tapping your lifetime gift and estate tax exemption. And you can double […]

Estate Planning if you have Adopted Children or Unadopted Stepchildren

If you have adopted children or unadopted stepchildren, estate planning is critical to ensure that your property is distributed in the way you desire.

A CRT Can Benefit You and Your Favorite Charity

Are you a multitasker? If so, you may appreciate an estate planning technique that can convert assets into a stream of lifetime income, provide a current tax deduction and leave […]

Business Succession and Estate Planning: It can be Complicated

Transferring a family business to the next generation requires a delicate balancing act. Estate and succession planning strategies aren’t always compatible, and family members often have conflicting interests. By starting […]

Concealing a Trust Could Run Afoul of State Law

You may have good intentions in keeping a trust a secret from its beneficiaries. Perhaps you have concerns that, if your children or other beneficiaries know about the trust, they […]

Should You “Park” Your Vehicle in a Living Trust?

Using a revocable trust — sometimes referred to as a “living trust” — is a common estate planning strategy to manage one’s assets during life and to avoid probate at […]

Estate Planning When Time is Short

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused some people to contemplate their own mortality or that of a family member. For those whose life expectancies are short — because of COVID-19 or […]