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Tax Deferral Opportunities for RSU Awards

Executives and other key employees are often compensated with more than just salary, fringe benefits, and bonuses: They may also be awarded stock-based compensation, such as restricted stock or stock […]

Preparing Your Children to Handle Wealth

Parents can put several measures in place to ensure that their children properly handle wealth if it comes to them at a young age. These steps give you the peace […]

Estate Planning Rules Differ for Couples with Noncitizen Spouse

If you or your spouse is a noncitizen, special rules apply when it comes to estate planning. General rules If you’re a U.S. resident, but not a citizen, you’re treated […]

529 Plans a Win-Win

The creation of the Section 529 educational savings program by Congress 20 years ago has been an overwhelming success. These plans allow college savings to grow tax-free, and if withdrawn […]

Make an Intrafamily Loan “Bona Fide” to Avoid Gift Tax

Your first reaction when a child or family member comes to you for financial assistance is to take out your checkbook and write a check. You make a gift, plain […]

Life Insurance Remains a Powerful Estate Planning Tool For Nontaxable Estates

With the estate tax exemption amount at $5.45 million, estate taxes are no longer a concern for many families.  But even for nontaxable estates, life insurance continues to offer significant estate […]

Giving Back – How to Help Your Parents Fund LTC and Associated Medical Costs

If you have aging parents who aren’t as financially well off as you are, one of your estate planning goals may be to help fund their long-term care (LTC) and […]

Is a Charitable IRA Rollover Right for You?

If you’re charitably inclined, age 70½ or older, and have a significant balance in an IRA, a charitable IRA rollover — formally called a “qualified charitable distribution” — permits you […]

The Importance of Updated Wills

The recent and unexpected death of the musical artist Prince at the early age of 57 reminds us of several important life lessons: Death can come at any time, when […]