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Should a Revocable Living Trust be Part of Your Estate Plan?

Estate planning can be a complicated matter, with many things to consider during the process. One consideration is the various types of trusts available to the individual. Among these is […]

Considering a Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance is one of many financial instruments out there. Its primary purpose is to provide a financial benefit to the dependents of the insured. I remember during my childhood, […]

Is a Spendthrift Trust Right for You?

Do you have a loved one to whom you want to leave money or assets to but who may not be financially responsible? A spendthrift trust may be an appropriate […]

Tax Planning for New York Estates

The federal lifetime gift and estate exemption has been a hit with high net worth individuals. However, these individuals need to keep in mind that along with the federal estate […]

Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts

Steve and Madison have done well during their lifetime and accumulated a significant net worth. They have not done any estate planning over the years. However, due to a recent […]

New Year, More and Bigger Gifts

The new year is here, and it brings along some changes. Like some of you, I have decided to make a few changes. A part of my New Year’s resolutions, […]

Family members need money? Consider establishing a family bank

Your son comes to you requesting financial support. He is in the process of purchasing a home and is still short a few dollars after securing a mortgage with the […]

Considering or planning a move? You may want to consider moving your trust with you.

You and your spouse have decided that the both of you are done with the city life and now want a change of scenery. There is a town in another […]

Deemed Sales Proposal and the Elimination of the Step-up Basis

Step-up basis has been a mainstay in estate planning for more than 100 years. Upon a decedent’s death, assets in his or her estate are generally eligible for an automatic […]