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Is Wayfair a Pandemic?

Riding the commuter rails this morning, it certainly felt like one of those holiday Mondays where everyone else has the day off and you still head to work. After taking […]

Live the Life You Choose

Can’t you hear the jingle playing with the singers belting out the lyrics, “Berdon LLP, Accountants and Advisors, call #########. I expect to hear this retort over and over this […]

Permanent Place of Abode: Taking Ownership

We have always been told it’s important to take ownership of your work, your actions, and sometimes even the actions of others. However, when it comes to determining whether you […]

Sales Tax on Capital Improvements – Are You Secure?

While we all know that most jurisdictions have a “carve-out” from the sales tax for capital improvements, often-times mandated services related to such improvements can tag along for the exemption.

NYS Ends Sales Tax on Beer Flights in Anticipation of Proposed Gross Receipts Tax on Data

We are all going to need a drink after this.  So, in the spirit of helping New Yorkers determine their favorite fermented beverage, Governor Cuomo signed into law a measure […]

Telecommuting May Result in Inconvenient Truths

You’re trying to do your share to stop global warming, so you persuade your employer to let you work from home. Think of the gas you will save, and the […]

They Call It Instant Justice – Sales Tax on Protective and Detective Services Clarified

For those of you watching the detectives or the receptionists, we have some good news:  A New York State Tax Appeals Tribunal decision[1] provides some clarity and reason. New York […]

Lose a Lawsuit, Pass a Law: NJ Pass-Through Entity Tax a Reality

Congress and the President made the first move capping the deduction for state and local taxes (SALT) at a mere $10,000. States were quick to fire back by dreaming up […]

Traps in Transactions — Don’t Take Sales Tax So Casually

You’re selling (or buying) that long coveted investment property. Since you are a regular reader of my blog, you have considered all of the income and transfer tax implications and […]