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State Tax Auditors – They’re People Too

We can all agree that this pandemic has gone on quite long enough and, for some, it has been particularly difficult and quite a strain. People are trying to do […]

Quarantine and the Accidental State and Local Tax Resident

Among the many unexpected results of the COVID-19 crisis is the possibility that you may inadvertently acquire a new state and/or local income tax resident status.This occurs because many states […]

Terminating Your NYC Domicile and Establishing a NYS Only Domicile

As my readers know, domicile is generally defined as the place that you intend to be your permanent home – the place to which you return whenever absent. For those […]

State Nexus Implications of Telecommuting due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

With millions following government-imposed stay at home directives, my colleague Sarah Kim looks at the state tax nexus implications and what guidance is being issued by state taxing authorities.

The COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on Residency and Taxes (VIDEO)

Wayne Berkowitz and colleague Richard Goldstein examine the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on state residency issues and an employer’s state tax obligations.Click here to view the videos.

Update on New Jersey Income Tax Extensions

For some insights on the Garden State’s plans to postpone the state Individual Gross Income Tax filing and payment deadline and the Corporation Business Tax filing and payment deadline, click […]

COVID-19 State Tax Pronouncements – Many and Varied

As states continue to scramble to provide tax guidance during the COVID-19 crisis, decisions are coming in fast. Here is a roundup for the tri-state area and around the nation […]

NYS Guidance Clarifies Penalty and Interest Relief for Late Payment of Sales Tax Due March 20th

The New York State Department of Taxation & Finance has issued guidance clarifying penalty and interest relief for late payment of sales tax due on March 20. Certain taxpayers are […]

Governor Cuomo’s Press Conference Leads to More Questions regarding NYS Tax Deadline

During Governor Andrew Cuomo’s press conference today, in response to a question from a reporter regarding whether New York State was going to have a new tax deadline, the Governor […]