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Permanent Place of Abode: Let’s Eat Out

In my last blog, I discussed the physical aspects of a permanent place of abode (PPA) as defined by New York State. Despite the State’s own regulations stating that a […]

Permanent Place of Abode: Can I Call a Plumber?

So those of you who have been avidly reading my blog (thanks, Mom) know we have been examining the “permanent” aspect of Permanent Place of Abode (PPA). We will continue […]

Success and Failure Are Not Permanent, So Why Is My Abode?

Last week we briefly hinted to one of the linchpins of statutory residence; the permanent place of abode or PPA. So crucial is this term of art to a determination […]

Where You Rest Your Weary Bones May Have No Impact on Tax Residency

As avid readers of my blog already know (see last week’s installment), most states have a two-pronged approach to pulling you in as a resident and consequently taxing you on […]

Golf and a Little Bit of Residency Planning, Anyone?

At Berdon, we do our best to educate our clients about the tax ramifications of their decisions.  They know that in most states there are two ways to be considered […]

Traps in Transactions: Don’t Take Sales Tax So Casually

You’re selling (or buying) that long coveted investment property. Since you are a regular reader of my blog, you have considered all of the income and transfer tax implications and […]

Traps inTransactions: Tax Free for Fed Doesn’t Mean Tax Free for State and Local

Another common misconception is the belief that because a transaction is tax free (really, tax deferred) for federal tax purposes the states will tag along and not subject the transaction […]

Traps inTransactions, Part II: Don’t Let theTransfer Tax Creep Up on You

The market is booming. You received an offer you couldn’t refuse and cashed in on the 10% interest you have been holding in that New York City real estate partnership. […]