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Ruling on Market Based Sourcing Dispenses with Traditional Doctrine – My Customer’s Customers are Not My Customers

While the issue of whether the enemy of my enemy is my friend has always been controversial, the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) ended all discourse concerning whether or not […]

Sales Tax Planning Allows Building Boxes More Efficiently

Ask any accountant and they will tell you how tired they are of the stereotype that we are math geniuses. You don’t need to be a geometry expert to help […]

Tax Fraud, Refunds and the Easter Bunny

We finally made it to spring and all of us tax types are working hard to get everyone their well-deserved tax refunds. So you ask, what does the Easter Bunny […]

State Tax Debts – Don’t Believe Everything You Read

This week’s post is unusual in that it takes us to two very disparate points in time: The first being sometime last week, and the second being the third grade. […]

The Truth Will Set You Free – But First It Will Make You Miserable

The title of this week’s post is frequently attributed or misattributed to the twentieth President of the United States, James Abraham Garfield. Regardless of who said it at first or […]

They Call It Instant Justice – Sales Tax on Protective and Detective Services Finally Clarified

For those of you watching the detectives or the receptionists, we have some good news:  A recent New York State Tax Appeals Tribunal decision[1] has finally provided some clarity and […]

No One Likes a Tattletale

Whether you are referred to as a snitch, informant, rat, or other names not suitable for this blog, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit has held that […]

Life Coaching, GPS, or Tax Planning

What do these three items have in common? Depending on whom you ask, they can all help you find your way. Not knowing much about life coaching, and as a […]

New York, Just Like I Pictured It – Skyscrapers and Everything

Those of you who had the privilege of reading the February 5, 2016 edition of Long Island Business News may have noticed a very familiar image with bright rosy cheeks […]