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Sticks, Stones and Why Did the Accountant Cross the Road?

Because that’s what she did last year. Yes lawyers, accountants get insulted too, and the worst insult that can ever be hurled at us is to be called a business […]

Special Graduation and Vacation Edition

I have a surprise vacation from state taxes planned for my readers this week. Please don’t be too distressed. I’ll have lots of interesting tax issues for you in future […]

Helen Shapiro Claims She’s Not Responsible – Why Are You?

Steadfast readers of my blog have likely realized at least one thing about me by now: I am a dedicated music fan and will listen to anything once.[1] Sometimes I’ll […]

Market-Based Sourcing, Choice of Entity, and Inconsistent Results

Although I have discussed market-based sourcing several times, a quick recap is in order.  Rather than looking to the traditional criteria of cost of performance or where the services were […]

You Are What You Eat – How Sales Tax Can Get You In Shape

When I was just getting started in the SALT arena, not only were SALT specialists viewed with a modicum of dismay, but if sales and use tax were your focus, […]

Guitars and the Ever-Increasing Burden of Proof

I can guarantee any taxpayer that has gone through an audit, whether as an individual or a business entity, “was feelin ‘bout half past dead” at some point through the […]

The Simple Pleasures – State Taxes and Federal Government Intervention

Yes readers, I know. You are concerned that instead of enjoying a beautiful spring day or the perfect cup of coffee, I am consumed with state and local tax issues. […]

Use Caution Navigating State Tax Credits

Just like the beautiful Sirens luring nearby sailors to a rocky shipwreck, those aimlessly navigating the waters of state tax credits can end up with a similar fate. The Sirens, […]

State Tax Audits – Why Federal Conformity Has Me Waiting By the Phone

If you are of the belief that some earlier period of time was better or simpler than the present, the good old days of state taxation are probably something you […]