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Handling State Tax Filing Delinquencies via Voluntary Disclosure

As a state and local tax professional, I often advise clients on their state tax filing requirements from a prospective perspective (i.e., analyzing the state tax implications of potential business […]

Potential Tax Savings for Pass-through Entity Owners

If you receive income from a pass-through entity (PTE) such as a partnership, an S Corporation, or a multi-member limited liability company, you could potentially lower your federal personal income […]

Signed a commercial lease in Manhattan? Let’s talk about CRT.

You are planning to open a business location in Manhattan. You find a great space in the heart of Manhattan and quickly sign the lease agreement. By doing so, you […]

2020 Teleworking and the Threat of Double Taxation

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home orders that followed, many employees telecommuted for substantial portions of 2020, and worked from places different from their regular work locations. When […]

Before You Hoist Sail, Check Out the Sales and Use Tax Implications

Now may seem like the perfect time to head to the open waters and experience the feeling of fresh air on your face and wind in your hair. But before you […]

Having a Pied-À-Terre in New York City May Result in Higher Real Property Taxes

My colleague Richard Goldstein and I worked on an alert for clients on identical bills currently in committee in the NYS Assembly and Senate that, if passed, would raise the […]

Traps in Transactions – Tax Free for Fed Doesn’t Mean Tax Free for State and Local

A common tax misconception is the belief that because a transaction is tax free (really, tax deferred) for federal tax purposes the states will tag along and not subject the […]

Golf, COVID-19, and Residency Planning

For some, the pandemic has triggered the urge to move to greener (or safer) pastures. At Berdon, we do our best to educate our clients about the tax ramifications of […]

Beyond COVID-19, There are Taxing Reasons Not to Visit Your Relatives for the Holidays

At the very least, COVID-19 has provided an excuse for not making that unwanted trip to visit relatives for the holidays. For those of you who might still get some […]