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More About CRT—Small Business Tax Credit & Voluntary Disclosure

In my previous blog, I talked about the basics of the New York City Commercial Rent Tax (CRT). In today’s article, I want to talk about two issues that were […]

New Yorkers: Determining State Residency Can Have Substantial Tax Consequences

If you have been reading Berdon blogs regularly, you may be familiar with the importance of state residency for state income tax purposes. Determining residency matters because a resident is […]

Important Pass-Through Entity Tax Deadlines

Following up on my earlier blog Pass-Through Entity Tax Election – Don’t Wait Until Next Year to Decide, here are quick reminders for upcoming deadlines for the Pass-Through Entity Tax […]

Use Tax Audits Can Be Triggered by Imported Goods

If you have been reading Berdon blogs for any time now, you are probably familiar with use tax, the other side of sales tax. Use tax is imposed on the […]

Pass-Through Entity Tax Election – Don’t Wait Until Next Year to Decide

Leading up to March 15, I spent a lot of time advising clients in connection with the pass-through entity tax (PTET) election for the 2021 tax year—whether and how to […]

Interested in Claiming State Tax Credits and Incentives?

State governments offer tax credits and incentives to attract new businesses and retain business operations within their jurisdictions. States sometimes create their own versions of federal credits (e.g., Research and […]

Pass-Through Entity Tax Has Had Unexpected Consequences

Looking back on 2021, I would say the most noteworthy development of the year in state and local tax was the pass-through entity tax (“PTET”). The Tax Cuts and Jobs […]

Handling State Tax Filing Delinquencies via Voluntary Disclosure

As a state and local tax professional, I often advise clients on their state tax filing requirements from a prospective perspective (i.e., analyzing the state tax implications of potential business […]

Potential Tax Savings for Pass-through Entity Owners

If you receive income from a pass-through entity (PTE) such as a partnership, an S Corporation, or a multi-member limited liability company, you could potentially lower your federal personal income […]