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Can You Say IC-DISC?

Are you an exporter of American-made goods? If so, an interest-charge domestic international sales corporation (IC-DISC) can help slash your tax bill.

The Supreme Court – Once Bitten Twice Taxed Revisited

So I have been at Berdon for almost 20 years now and one of my oldest, most popular and unfortunately largely still true articles was entitled, “Once Bitten, Twice Taxed.”  […]

How Do I Choose My Estate’s Executor?

Choosing the right executor is critical to the smooth administration of your estate. The person you appoint for this role does not have to be a professional executor or someone […]

SALT TAX: Online Sales Tax – Caveat Venditor…

Last week’s post discussed how state tax departments are closing sales tax loopholes of online retail.  This week, we’re examining this from the online merchant’s perspective.  As of 2008, and […]

Life Insurance Owner? Consider Establishing an ILIT

An irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) could help you eliminate estate tax liability from any life insurance policies you own at the time of your death.

Collectibles For Charity

If you are a collector, and not a dealer, donating to a public charity from your collection instead of your bank account or investment portfolio can be a wise tax […]

Don’t Forget Your Digital Assets

In today’s world, it’s very likely you have significant digital assets that must be considered when creating your estate plan.

Free Delivery and …

Online merchants, many of them well established, boast to their customers that not only will they deliver for free, but they don’t charge sales tax except for (fill in the […]

Never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today

Unfortunately for taxpayers, Congress procrastinates when it applies to extending expiring tax breaks (“extenders”). For example, Congress did not pass the 2014 extenders until December of 2014, retroactively applying it […]