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Tax Deduction for Different Types of Charitable Donations

When you donate property to charity, the income tax deduction that you are entitled to depends on the type of property you give and the type of organization to which […]

Estate Planning Strategies for 2016 — Don’t Leave Well Enough Alone

Your estate plan is an organic document that needs to evolve as your life and family circumstances change, new laws take effect, and tax-saving opportunities present themselves.  Births, deaths, divorces, […]

Life Coaching, GPS, or Tax Planning

What do these three items have in common? Depending on whom you ask, they can all help you find your way. Not knowing much about life coaching, and as a […]

Maximizing Your Education-Related Tax Breaks

If there was a college student in your family last year, you may be eligible for some valuable tax breaks on your 2015 tax return. To max out your education-related […]

Think Twice Before Naming a Minor as a Beneficiary

A common estate planning mistake is to designate a minor as beneficiary — or contingent beneficiary — of a life insurance policy or retirement plan. Insurance companies and financial institutions […]

New York, Just Like I Pictured It – Skyscrapers and Everything

Those of you who had the privilege of reading the February 5, 2016 edition of Long Island Business News may have noticed a very familiar image with bright rosy cheeks […]

Deduct Eligible Home Office Expenses

If you work from home, you should consider deducting your home office expenses. However, to deduct home office space, you must meet certain requirements. Eligibility requirements Employees must use your […]

State Taxes Shouldn’t Be a Matter of Catch Me if You Can

While we all loved the 2002 biographical crime drama starring Tom Hanks, I have never been a proponent of the Frank Abagnale approach of “catch me if you can” to […]

A Helping Hand – Addressing Your Parents in Your Estate Plan

The “sandwich generation” – those who are caring for both their children and their parents at the same time – comprise a large segment of the population. As a result, […]